Promotion (POS / POI / Merchant promotion)


Since 1971, we have been carrying out innovative and up-to-date promotions.

Of course, markets have changed since then, and we now use entirely different

methods of working than in the 70s. But we evolved alongside the markets, meaning that

you can count on, and profit from, our agency's entire wealth of experience. Nowadays,

consumers are confronted by a multitude of products and brands. Our technique of directly

addressing consumers makes our clients' products stand out from others and brings them

straight into the consumers' focus. Through the combination of marketing and sales, we make

direct turnover with your trading partner using your products. The listing of new articles is

henceforth alleviated, and your trading partner feels your support as the manufacturer.

Your company's reputation is simultaneously improved both in the eyes of trades people and


At the point of sale, we directly address your

future regular customers. Many of our concepts

involve a direct tasting and sale of products.

At the point of interest, we meet your

customers in a relaxed atmosphere.

At festivals, concerts and other events

with specific product- and target groups,

our employees try to acquire and create

new contacts for our clients' products.

With trade promotions we managed

to achieve some astonishing results

so far. Either we invite your trading

partners to a central place of interest,

or we send our staff directly to visit the

resellers on location for product launches

and training. Trading acts as a multiplier

of information for the end customer.

The end customer must be informed as much

as possible before going into final discussions.

It is common knowledge that sales people prefer

selling products they are familiar with

themselves; they will always sell the product

they actually wants to sell. It is an important

issue to address. Only a limited amount of

training can be done by field staff if regular

visits by all important trade partners are

supposed to be sustained. This is where we

come into play. We develop concepts for you that

will help to ideally prepare the sales people for

your products and/or services, and perhaps even

manage to make them feel a little bit of passion.

Especially in the IT sector, we have already

achieved some astonishing successes

using this method.

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